Graduate Program in Anthropology
Kudos - Fall 2014

Marshall Brooks organized and chaired a panel for the American Anthropological Association meetings on “Sacralizing the Secular: The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life.” He also presented a paper on the panel called “Secular Becomings: From Disenchantment to Re-Enchantmennt among ex-Mormons.

Tom Conte received Summer Field Fellowship from the American Center for Mongolian Studies ($4000) and published a co-authored article, "The Effects of China's Grassland Contract Policy on Pastoralists' Attitudes towards Cooperation in an Inner Mongolian Banner," in Human Ecology.

Deniz Daser received a Graduate Merit Award from the Executive Women of New Jersey. Her blog post on "Children in the Court: Deportation Proceedings for the Child Migrants of the Northern Triangle," based on her fieldwork, was published on Oxford University's Border Criminologies website. She presented papers at three annual conferences: Labor Research & Action Network, Louisiana Studies Conference, and the 5th Conference on Immigration to the U.S. South.

Aries Dela Cruz was selected as an “Emerging Leader in Anthropology” by the Society for Environmental Anthropology and National Association of Student Anthropologists of the American Anthropological Association.

Nada El-Kouny co-organized a conference for the Middle East Graduate Student Forum at Rutgers on "Researching the Middle East and North Africa after 2011: Challenges, Queries, and Questions" in October. She was also selected to participate in the workshop on “Writing Violence” sponsored by the American Ethnological Society.

Sarah Hlubik was awarded a Dissertation Research Grant from the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. She was also invited to participate in a Wenner Gren Symposium on fire and the evolution of the genus Homo next fall in Portugal.

Meghana Joshi was invited to present (in German) on “Ethnography, Childlessness and Gendered Reproduction” based on her dissertation fieldwork at the German department, Rutgers University. She also presented a talk in August on “Encounter and the Method of Ethnography” at the Department of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi, India.

Senem Kaptan published a research report entitled "State Crimes and Military Victims in Turkey's Anti-Coup Trials" in Perspectives on Europe; organized a panel entitled "Unmaking and Remaking the Military Authority: Militarism in Contemporary Turkey" as part of the 4th World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies held in Ankara, Turkey in August 2014; and presented a paper on that panel entitled "Eviscerated Soldiers: The Unmaking of Turkey's Military Elite." She was also selected as an editorial committee member of Reviews and Critical Commentary (CritCom), an online publication of the Council for European Studies.

Marlaina Martin was accepted into, and fully funded to attend The Institute on Teaching and Mentoring in October 2014. She also received a Graduate Studies Enhancement Grant from Mellon Mays Graduate Initiatives.

Michelle Night-Pipe presented “Within Group Signals Reflecting Outward: Intertribal Competition on the 19th Century Northern Plains” at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. She also was selected to participate in the “Writing Violence” workshop sponsored by the American Ethnological Society at the AAA meetings.

Kartikeya Saboo presented a paper titled "Producing Knowledge by remaining a Stranger" at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. He also presented a paper titled  "The Great Recession in the Carceral State: Young Men and Social Disorganization" to the Law and Public Affairs Working Group at Princeton University.

Darcy Shapiro prepared on an exhibit on the evolution of human diet for the Rutgers Geology Museum and submitting an invited entry on pelvic evolution to the International Encyclopedia of Primatology.

Marian Thorpe presented a poster at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Climate Symposium at Rutgers on November 21st.

Inga Veksler successfully defended her doctoral dissertation and will graduate this year!

Tim Weldon received a FLAS fellowship for the study of the Czech language in Prague this past summer.