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01:070:360 Law, Justice, Rights
01:070:361 Hunters and Gatherers
01:070:362 Evolution of Human Diet
01:070:367 Anthropology Goes to the Movies
01:070:368 Media and Culture
01:070:369 The Cultural Politics of Nazism
01:070:370 Life and Death in Anthropological Perspective
01:070:371 The Politics of Culture
01:070:372 Body Politics
01:070:373 Visual Ethnography of Everyday Life
01:070:374 Localities and Global Systems
01:070:375 Cross-Species Relationality and Communication
01:070:376 Power and Difference
01:070:377 Evolution and Religion
01:070:378 The Anthropology of Gender
01:070:379 Gender and Power in Africa
01:070:380 Culture, Memory, History
01:070:381 Pottery Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:382 Advanced Issues in Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
01:070:383 Anthropology and Activism
01:070:384 Advanced Issues in Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
01:070:385 Advanced Issues in Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
01:070:386 Internship in Anthropology
01:070:387 Advanced Issues in Evolutionary Anthropology
01:070:388 Advanced Issues in Evolutionary Anthropology
01:070:389 Ethnography of Gender in South Asia
01:070:390 Fossil Hominin Anatomy
01:070:391 Lithic Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:392 Faunal Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:393 Cultural Resource Management
01:070:394 Geological Context in Paleoanthropology
01:070:395 Quantification of Archaeological Data
01:070:397 Practicum in Vertebrate Paleontology
01:070:398 Field Study in Paleoanthropology
01:070:401 Theories in Cultural Anthropology
01:070:402 Primate Conservation Biology
01:070:404 Advanced Seminar in Archaeology
01:070:406 Rights and Wrongs of Indigenous Peoples
01:070:407, 408 Documenting Latino Lives and Video Produc Lab
01:070:409 Primate Nutritional Ecology
01:070:410 Explanation in Anthropology
01:070:414 Topics in European Prehistory and Paleoanthropology
01:070:415 Prehistoric Archaeology of New Jersey
01:070:417 Writing Ethnography
01:070:420 Evolutionary Genetics: Humans and Other Primates
01:070:422 Theories in Physical Anthropology
01:070:426 South African Archaeology
01:070:486 Gender, Development, Environment: Policies, Politics, Perspectives
01:070:490 Preparation for Honors Thesis
01:070:491 Capstone Colloquium in Evolutionary Medicine
01:070:495,496 Independent Study in Anthropology (BA,BA)
01:070:497,498 Honors in Anthropology


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