Rutgers Anthropology Club

The Rutgers Anthropology Club is open to majors and minors as well as any interested undergraduates. The goal of the club is to create a space for intellectual growth and community development by bringing students together, allowing for a deeper understanding of each other through conversation and projects. Club activities are selected during meetings, including occasional trips centered on anthropology topics.  The club aims to bridge together students with the Anthropology Department, allowing better access to professors and helping to serve department needs. Meetings are held Thursdays at 8:00 pm in the Ruth Adams Building third floor Atrium.  Join us for a meeting! 

From Club President:

Welcome to the Anthropology Club! We are open to all students, regardless of your major or previous experiences with anthropology. Our weekly meetings will explore a wide array of anthropological topics, from Early Modern Humans to Robots! Our motto, “Anything Human”, is what guides our meeting topics. We discuss art, history, prehistory, religion, holidays, forensics, social justice, remote tribes, modern technology, and much more. If you are interested in anthropology but don’t know where to start, joining Anthropology Club is a great way to learn a little about everything. Occasionally, we will have guest speakers, including professors, alumni, and other professionals in the field, come in to talk about their research, careers, and to answer your questions about what a career in anthropology could be. (These meetings will have free food!) We will also take free museum trips around campus to the Geology Museum, Zimmerli Art Museum as well as a larger trip to the MET in the Spring.
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President: Alice Mako
Vice President: Zoe Greblunas
Treasurer : Kevin Vilorio
Event Planner: Mike Marciano


Rutgers Archaeological Society (RUAS)

Arch Society 2022

Archaeology: The study of the human past (from 3.3 million years ago to the present) using physical evidence.

The Rutgers Archaeological Society’s (RUAS) mission is to promote the fascinating and ever-evolving field of archaeology to Rutgers University and the general public! Whether your experience with the discipline is limited to a vague familiarity with Indiana Jones (who is, for the record, not the best archaeologist), or includes classroom, laboratory, and field work, you are welcome here! Attend the next meeting (or check out our getINVOLVED page) to see what we're all about.

Fall 2023:  We meet on Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00 PM in the Ruth Adams Building Atrium (on the top floor)!

outdoors arch soc 2022

2023-24 RUAS Eboard:

President: Nikita Guelmer
Vice President: Justin Ford
Secretary: Kevin Vilorio
Public Relations: Zoe Greblunas

Social Media and Contact Information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Instagram: @RUarchaeology
Twitter: @RUarchaeology
Discord Groupchat/Channel (with permanent link or in our Instagram bio):